All my life, I've chased good stories.

To find these, I have, in no particular order,
_in my teens, worked as a cleaner in retirement villages and hospitals, where people have time to tell you their stories, and where, I found out, in between mopping and dusting, stories are rich and plentiful.
_immersed myself in books & received an MA in English literature from the Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam.
_worked at hospices in the Netherlands and New Zealand, where people are amazingly open and generous with their life stories.
_studied directing and creative writing at Wittenberg University in the USA and received a Diploma in Theatre and Film from Victoria University Wellington. Oh, the fun of inventing a beautiful narrative!
_set up Dance Fix New Zealand during lockdown
_briefly passed on tall tales as an English teacher in the Netherlands and a Dutch teacher at the Dutch school in Wellington & toiled in bookshops
_developed and directed a play in the Wellington Fringe festival.
_bought a typewriter and some ribbon, and now collaborate on writing love letters, break-up notes & other messages with and for people on this old machine.


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