Adding frolic & capturing emotions on paper

Your wedding's loving vibes & musings from the heart, captured with a funky typewriter

(– typist included!)

-typewritten notes: from you and your guests, to each other. Your typed up little notes will be passed around all night – the tongue-in-cheek or the deep and meaningful variety.
-guestbooks: your guests' thoughts and messages to you, put together with a typewriter during your celebration. At the end of the night, those messages will come home with you as a booklet in a little bow-tied box.


You and your guests say the words, and I'll type them! I'll help people compose some lines and can tease messages out of that staunch uncle or ever so slightly introverted friend. We'll be capturing people's emotions and adding a romantic touch to the day. Letters and notes a-flying, guestbooks live in action!


In the sweetest little Love Letter Caravan, which I can bring to your venue (in the Wellington region). Or just sit at my little table somewhere amidst the merriment and away we type!


Weddings are about love, friends and family. Love Letters will capture that love and the memories of your wedding day with integrity. A good dose of mischief and jolliness included. Click clack...

If you have any questions, to book or to discuss how I can tailor my services to suit your wild and wonderful wedding, please get in touch!


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