Word of Mouth


I keep my love letter on my desk and read it every day. 
I never tire of it – so beautifully written - it makes me smile and gives me so much joy!  Katja has a true gift.


Love your note.
Feel very happy.


Katja brings back the old forgotten art of a well composed letter through the medium of a non-electronic clickety clackety type-writer.  A true message from the heart to the recipient, who is gifted with a written composition that shows someone has been thinking about them...not in a trolling way!
I thoroughly recommend a therapeutic session with Katja, where she sensitively captures and skilfully edits your streams of consciousness into a beautiful piece of prose.


Writing my partner a love-letter in collaboration with Katja was the nicest experience. It was so special to go back to analogue with a personal typewritten note. And the cute hand-stamped love hearts were the perfect finishing detail. My partner loved it!!


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